So I recently updated my custom firmware as I was experiencing some bugs on the Rogero 4.40.

The thing was, i initially ran on 3.55 Kmeaw and with the new games coming out limiting us gamers who aren't privileged enough to pop our around R600 for a game ill only enjoy for only 8 hours(Gameplay average length).

I had to upgrade to Rogero 4.40 which was the inthing by then, reported as having zero Bugs.I had to experience bugs first hand, which made my gaming life a living hell..having games freezing, or not even running at time using Multiman 4.30

I had to find a better alternative and that's when a friend advised me to try Rebug 4.41.2 which is Awesome in all aspects.

you can download from: and will need to update to the latest multiMan to experiance the awesomeness.

Proof that it works 1000%


Update multiMan