Note for Beginners

A while ago, I mistakenly Formatted my disk-drive confusing it for a USB drive, the Drive contained all of my personal information (pictures, documents, eBooks and school stuff).

 And this was not the first time that happened by accident.

The main problem is I manoeuvre around my computer rather FAST, 
and most times I don't get the time to think before I Click Yes/DO the REAL FORMAT!!!

 With my frustrations, I was set on a mission to remove the stupid Microsoft’s option of Formatting disk drives

 Here’s how I did it.


  1. Copy “C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ shell32.dll.mui” to “C:\Backup\ shell32.dll.mui”
  2. Right-click Shell32.dll.mui, Properties, Security, Advanced, Owner, Edit , select Administrators account, Then Permissions, Change Permission, enable Full control to administrators account ,Ok>Close
  3. Now the fun begins, Download ResHack  , install, Run as Admin

PS: Regedit is a bit useless when it comes removing this stupid option


  1. Go-to, File, Open, “C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ shell32.dll.mui”
  2. Expand Menu, 247, 1033
  3. Delete Line 6, “MENUITEM "Form&at...",  8” and Compile Script
  4. Expand Dialog, 28672, 1033
  5. Delete everything from line 6 – 21 and Compile Script
  6. Image
  7. Go-to File, Save ,Close
  8. 10.  Go-to Win+R, type cmd.exe, ok

11. Type mcbuilder.exe –rebuild, Enter and Exit

12. Reboot PC

13. Then viola Format… option from context-menu GONE.

14. When you want to format you will have to do it under command prompt.



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