Repurpose Old Smartphones for Home Automation by Turning Sensors into Signals [Paper]


This paper proposes an approach to building a low-cost offline home automation or appliance automation by means of re-purposing old and unused smartphones by means of exploiting low-level sensors such as an accelerometer, microphone, GPS, and temperature. It takes information about the surrounding environment through the low-level sensors from a smartphone's sensor(s) and uploads it directly to the Raspberry Pi for processing before making relevant changes to the home environment, for instance, switching the light on/off by means of shaking your smartphone which utilizes the low-level accelerometer sensor. Experimental results demonstrated that the system can accurately control a home environment and have been offline the user doesn't risk uploading their personal information to the internet which offers privacy and at this day of age cyber-security is a priority when you work home automation systems as most of them depend on being online as well as uploading important information to the internet which some people might end up using against the home-owner.

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