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    How do I find my optimum MTU setting?

    I haven't been updating my blog for the past few months, But hey I finally got to Marion Island(-47.876404, 37.861019), when I got there I found out the internet was a bit crappy, (1mbps Satellite link). So i was set on a mission to optimize my internet experience - I finally found a way to optimize my browsing experience. By adjusting the MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit On Windows: Step... [Read More]

    How to Disable HDD Formatting Option from My Computer

    Note for Beginners A while ago, I mistakenly Formatted my disk-drive confusing it for a USB drive, the Drive contained all of my personal information (pictures, documents, eBooks and school stuff).  And this was not the first time that happened by accident. The main problem is I manoeuvre around my computer rather FAST,  and most times I don't get the time to think before I Click Yes/DO the REAL FORMAT!!!  With my frustrations,... [Read More]
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    Save to Dropbox from the Chrome right-click menu[Trick]

    The era of saving documents on memory cards/sticks is no more, This days everyone who is clued up is using cloud storage. I for one use dropbox for school and related, Google drive for pictures and skydrive for book storage and relevant materials.I have seldom found myself stuck at times as i did not have a mobile storage devices on myself, this led me to use my email as a... [Read More]

    Windows 8’s most annoying features

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPE2az4sjaw I have always been annoyed by the way One has to switch off or sign out on windows 8 so I made a simple executable that I attached on my taskbar...No more going through the complicated route Check my Youtube video for a full tutorial. ------------------------------------ I have always been annoyed about the way one has to switch off(Sleep mode) his/her pc on windows 8. So with this tutorial... [Read More]
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    Noise filtering using MATLAB

    So last year, i was enrolled in a course in order to obtain my degree. course titled Signal Processing. Description:Introduction to signal processing. Analogue signal processing. Signals and systems, and the characteristics of signals and systems. The different domains that continuous-time signals are represented in. Time-domain representation and analysis of continuous-time signals and systems (using convolution and ordinary differential equations), frequency-domain representation and analysis (Fourier series, Fourier Transform) and the... [Read More]

    Digital 0-30V Multimeter and Ohm-meter

    So my final year project for electronics engineering diploma (2010), was to design and implement a digital multimeter using Atmel 8051 MCU+16x2 LCD and a development board that was supplied by the university. Schematic Diagram for the external setup of the meter Schematic Diagram for the Development board(Open source) Source code: written in Keil Uvision 3 (program has few bugs but works 100%) http://linkshrink.net/70T3D9   [Read More]
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    PS3_ Rogero CFW 4.4 upgraded to Rebug 4.41.2 Lite

    So I recently updated my custom firmware as I was experiencing some bugs on the Rogero 4.40. The thing was, i initially ran on 3.55 Kmeaw and with the new games coming out limiting us gamers who aren't privileged enough to pop our around R600 for a game ill only enjoy for only 8 hours(Gameplay average length). I had to upgrade to Rogero 4.40 which was the inthing by then,... [Read More]

    Led blinking program with ATmega128, AVR Studio 6 and ISIS Proteus

    My 1st blog attempt So I have been learning/refreshing Embedded C, my initial project was just a simple program. Blinking an Led I have attached the source code, and schematic Source Code:  #include <avr/io.h> #include <util/delay.h> void BlnkLED() // function declaration { DDRA = 0xFF; // set up pin direction PORTA ^= 0x01 ; // toggle the pins _delay_ms(500); //delay } int main (void) { while(1){ BlnkLED(); } } Schematic:... [Read More]

    Badass Windows Virus created using Notepad

    Here is a Batch File virus which can: Link: How to create a batch file. 1.Copy itself into startup2.Copy itself over one thousand times into random spots in your computer.3.Hide its self and all other created files4.Task kill MSN, Norton, Windows Explorer, Limewire.5.Swap the left mouse button with the right one6.Opens alert boxes7.Changes the time to 12:00 and shuts down the computercopy this code into notepad and save as Greatgame.bat(while saving... [Read More]
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