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    Diagnosing LAN Speeds

    Diagnosing LAN Speeds After having network issues/degradation while trying to access a work server, I had to diagnose the network the server is connected to. I had to set myself on a mission - and after realising that the seems to be very limited tools for such things, I stumbled upon 'iperf'. Iperf is a command-line tool used in the diagnostics of network speed issues, it measures the maximum network... [Read More]

    How to stop Jenkins CI build by extract a value from a JSON endpoint in bash using Curl

    How to stop Jenkins CI build by extract a value from a JSON endpoint in bash using Curl Curl the URL to get the JSON response and pipe it to the python tool. The python code will extract the value mapped to the given key (number in this case). machine='dbelab04' machineport=8080 jobname='mkat_fpga_tests_4k' buildnumber=$(curl --silent -X POST http://$machine:$machineport/job/$jobname/lastBuild/api/json?tree=number | python -c 'import json,sys;obj=json.load(sys.stdin);print obj["'number'"]';) curl -X POST http://$machine:$machineport/job/$jobname/$number/stop Note: the above... [Read More]

    How to make Git commit to trigger a job/build in Jenkins CI

    How to make Git commit to trigger a job/build in Jenkins CI In this blog post I will show you how to configure a post commit hook on Git that notifies a Jenkins CI server about repository changes. This means that whenever a new commit is pushed to the Git repository, the cURL command line tool will be launched to initiate a Http request telling Jenkins to trigger a job.... [Read More]

    Allow users of a certain group to run a command without sudo passwd

    Time to time I usually find myself typing sudo to execute commands requiring sudo rights, and this is repetitive which simply means one gets weary of typing sudo password every time, hence this blog post. Reason for this is to remind me how to do it the next time I am faced with such conundrum(s). Suppose I wanted to add a group of users who are allowed to run mount... [Read More]

    Python's Virtualenv working with Jenkins

    Python's Virtualenv working with Jenkins If you use virtualenv to isolate your python project's environment, and want your code tested automatically -- read on, else ignore. virtualenv isolates your project's python environment virtualenv makes sure you lock down your project's main directory and all subdirectories of it. This 'lockdown' means that you never touches your global python binary, or any globally installed libraries (like "sudo pip install ipython" ). Once... [Read More]

    Smart Doorbell using Raspberry Pi

    About a year ago, I had to do a project titled Smart Home Automation using a Raspberry Pi and Arduino, part of the project  incorporated a doorbell but not just any doorbell but a Smart doorbell. Why do I call it a Smart Doorbell? A classic doorbell can be defined as a signalling device typically placed near an entry door to a building. When a visitor presses a button the... [Read More]

    Getting started with Nodemcu in Arduino IDE

    On this blog I will introduce and demonstrate how to use NodeMCU in Arduino IDE What is NodeMCU or ESP8266 ? The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi chip with full TCP/IP stack and MCU (Micro Controller Unit) capability produced by Espressif Systems. Whereas NodeMCU is an open source firmware and development kit that helps us to create IoT platform. It includes firmware which runs on the ESP8266 WiFi SoC from Espressif... [Read More]

    Sublime Text useful python snippets

    For the past few months, I have been trying to move from using Geany to using Sublime Text as my primary text editor. I find myself repeating some repetitive operations dozen times a day when coding in python, such as import IPython;IPython.embed() and etc. So here are some of my Sublime Text snippets to enhance my productivity, and simplify my life. Sublime Text 3 makes it super easy to create... [Read More]